Super Mario World : The Other Quest (Super NES/Super Nintendo/Super Famicom)


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Original game release : November 21 (1990) in Japan - August 23 (1991) in the USA - April 11 (1992) in Europe
Developer : Nintendo
Editor : Nintendo
Game style : side-scrolling platform game

Release date of The Other Quest : aout 2013 (version 1.0)
Current version : 1.4 (april 2019 revision)
ROM : 24Mb (3Mo)

Creation of levels : iiYama
Additional levels creation : Aquel
Creation of the overworld : iiYama
Beta testing : Aquel - Mugiwara

Download ROM of
Super Mario World : The Other Quest v.1.4 US/ENG

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Super Mario World

The Other Quest


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01 : Introduction
02 : The beginning
03 : A long development
04 : The quality of finish
05 : Emulator or linker ?
06 : The story (fascinating !) of The Other Quest
07 : The final word
08 : Launch trailer
09 : The screenshots
10 : Credits, acknowledgments and archives


Do I really need to present Super Mario World (also known as Super Mario 4)? In my opinion no, or else you come out of nowhere. Like before reading this and opening up to the world of video games, you lived in a cave, dressed in animal skin to growl like an animal to claim its pittance. In short, since you became civilized and became interested in games, know that among them, Super Mario World culminates in the Top 5 of the best 2D platform games of all time ! This is why one fine morning, a certain FuSoYa decided to lay an editor for us for this legendary title. Because let's be clear, Super Nintendo games are not the most complex to decipher and obviously, our brave Super Mario World would be even one of the simplest. Lunar Magic is therefore a software that allows you to create your own game, of course based on the titles of Miyamoto and Nintendo.

Lunar Magic and its 2 editing windows : on the left the levels,
on the right the overworld (the world map)

The beginning

It was at the end of 2008 that I started taking an interest in the project. If the software exists since September 2000, in fact I had never heard of it before. Very connected to creation, that's why I keep a website (GRAVITORBOX, the site you are on), that I make music (under the pseudonym UFO Electro-Music Productions) and that I have already looked into creation a game with DIV Game Studio (on PC). An old software that allowed me to create my own Asteroids, punctuated by my compositions. Unfortunately the project never came to fruition because if the BASIC language (in a slightly modified form) was simple to learn, making a complete game (intro, levels, sound effects) is immediately another story. The other concern is that in those days my PC was running under Windows Millennium (don't say anything, I already know...) and that when I switched to Windows XP, this software was completely incompatible with the Microsoft OS (in short, it was all in 2001). Back in 2008, Aquel introduced me to Lunar Magic. Knowing how to tickle my curiosity (as Roswell did in 1997 with Techno Studio - my first music creation software), he tells me that there is a level editor for Super Mario World, another for Zelda : A Link to the Past, and that there is even software to make your own Sonic ! In a few seconds the wildest ideas cross my mind but I start with the most affordable project : Super Mario World. Indeed Lunar Magic is a very powerful editor but also very easy to access. Rather than starting something to stop it a few weeks later, I prefer to finish my creations. You have the example with my website which is more than 10 years old...

The 2 sub-windows for installing sprites (on the left)
and decorative elements (on the right)

A long development

Lunar Magic is therefore software that has fulfilled (in part) a dream that many share : to become a game designer ! My brother (Aquel) was my tester, my quality assurance. Of course, as I am not Mr. FuSoYa, at the start I did not know how to take 100% advantage of the software and I was content to create new levels, by implanting new music (which many do not !). Easy solution, some might think ... There's some truth in all of this, but importing the decor turns out to be quite complex. So I started by creating a simple spin-off at Super Mario World, with the basic decorations and even the original map. In addition, it must be recognized that the tutorials are sometimes very obscure and very often in English (remember i am a french developer, it was not easy for me). Lunar Magic allows you to do almost everything : change the backgrounds, the music, modify the world map, create new events and of course, modify each level in depth. As you probably know, Super Mario World is 75 relatively short levels for 96 exits. For our part, our game has become Super Mario World : The Other Quest and it offers 89 levels (for 284 sub-levels !), still with 96 outputs, but also 11 tutorials, a prologue and ... and you find out soon enough ! ^_^
The lifespan has therefore been multiplied because each level is now much longer than originally, which means that we offer a backup for each of its outputs (instead of having it only after castles, Switch Palace and ghost-houses). Little by little, the game has grown. Originally I only wanted to change the levels and leave the rest as is. Then the growing project, we started to modify the title screen, then the texts (even those coded in "hard"), to create a real prologue, then by accelerating we created a new overworld (the world map), 2 times, because the first one was considered too basic. We have of course implanted new music and modified the game practically 100% (only certain bosses, the scenes that follow and the epilogue remained as at the origin). And then, icing on the cake, after having spent 4 long years developing the game, we "finally" understood how to change the sets and how to modify the most complex facets of the game like intro or boss music.

Differences between the original game screen (left) and that of The Other Quest v.1.3 (right)

The quality of finish

After 5 years of development, Super Mario World : The Other Quest is finally available, in this beautiful month of August 2013 ! The game has been tested hundreds of times, but we are not immune to various bugs (given that the game has already been patched 3 times, it is clear that always has something to fix or something new to implement over time :). And bugs, the original game is full of it, and despite all the care we have given to our development, and despite the updates, there may still be some left (after knowing that some glitches are inevitable because on top of that, each emulator reacts a little differently depending on the situation). That said in more than 5 years, the game reaches a high degree of finish ! Each corner has been thought and redesigned, tested and retested dozens of times so that the difficulty is balanced and that the player does not suffer from unpleasant bugs, like crossing the scene and losing a life stupidly. On a level that lasts a minute at most, it's already painful, but since some of our levels require more than 10 minutes of brainstorming and exploration, we had to avoid this at all costs ! We also had a real concern for the finish on the sets, where in our eyes, every detail counts. But the highlight of the show is obviously the importation of new sets : no less than 55 new backgrounds (sceneries) and/or foregrounds (landscapes in the foreground) have been implemented in order to give a unique cachet to our game. Of course, like all developers on Lunar Magic, we used the "supermarket", the SMW Central site, which is a real database to modify your game. So if you are used to playing hacks / homebrew / bootleg game (games retouched by fans or amateur games 100% original), you will necessarily recognize certain decorations.

And the sets, like the music, were imported from various universes : of course the Super Mario Bros 1, 2 and 3 All-Stars version, Yoshi's Island, New Super Mario Bros, Sonic (episodes 1, 2 and 3), Donkey Kong Country, Zelda III, Wonder Boy V, Final Fantasy (I can't say which episode exactly), Kirby, Mega Man X, Ecco the Dolphin, Chrono Trigger and I surely forget about it. All of this gives a unique graphic touch that has sometimes inspired level-design. The level-design precisely, is singular, and this at 100%. In fact, nothing has been taken from what our "Lunar" colleagues have done and so as not to be inspired by their creations, we simply did not touch it ! It is only today that we get started, now that our game is over. Thus, we are happy to offer you "our creation", our discoveries and our ideas (even if it is possible, once again, that you find certain concepts elsewhere... but it will be rare). In short, between the new sets, completely recreated levels, the new overworld, new music and some original concepts, it is clear that you will completely rediscover this good old Super Mario World. And it is even the goal since The Other Quest is in a way the "unofficial sequel" of the original episode.

The overworld as it is in the original game (click to enlarge)

The overworld of Super Mario World : The Other Quest, with a 100% original design,
an open-world map and new "events" (click to enlarge)

Emulator or linker ?

Of course most of you will play this game via an emulator but you should know that it is more recalcitrant when you play on a "real" Super NES thanks to a linker (Super Ufo8, Super Everdrive, SNES Power Pack or other). A linker is a special cartridge where you insert your ROM and turn everything on a "real Super NES", in front of a TV, with the real pad in hands. The experience is transformed ! However, go find out why but with a linker, on encounter problems that any emulator avoids us. For example, some music has not passed and some bugs literally crash the console ! But our but confessed was this one : play on console ! So many will find that our game is easy but I can tell you that it is wrong ! We challenge anyone who makes a "speedrun" of less than an hour (it takes 45 minutes just to make the last castle then ...) and then we wanted to make a game a little more "intelligent". We wanted to make our players think, that the exploration is highlighted, that our players are more "thoughtful" than gifted with a pad. And then play on an emulator, it's easy to cheat (because yes, quick-saves is cheating !). While an original pad, playing on your TV and not on your PC, can no longer cheater. So the difficulty was adapted to this perspective because we did not want a masochistic difficulty that made the players suffer from the first level (as is sadly the case with many "Lunarians"). We wanted those who play our game, above all to have fun, rediscover Super Mario World. Our game was developed to work with a Super Ufo8, so normally with any linker, you shouldn't have any major problems. Now in terms of emulators, if everyone worships certain programs such as SNes9x or ZNes, I personally developed / tested the whole game with SNesGT which I think is the best of all ! Quite unknown, this emulator is very reliable, efficient, super easy to access (the Windows interface is pleasant) and it perfectly transcribes the reactions of the console. It is no longer very young since the version I use (v.0.218), still dates from May 2007 but the software is compatible with Windows XP/7/8, and remains according to us, the reference of the Super NES emulation. You can download from us AT THIS ADDRESS.

The story (fascinating !) of The Other Quest

While Mario was quietly hanging out on the shelves of his favorite game store (probably to pay for the latest fashionable game), he received a text from Princess Peach, who invited him to dinner at the chateau ... and maybe more ! Knowing the "royal" attributes of the Princess and her preferences for the most exotic positions, Mario went for it ! Leaving the city in which he settled with his brother Luigi, it is with a sure but happy step that our mustachioed plumber goes to his beloved's, on the Yoshi's Island. To reach the castle, the dangers are moderate. Certainly it crosses different environments and crosses a few enemies, but nothing very difficult. Besides, on the road, he thinks back to his last fight with Bowser : an epic confrontation and which earned him a certain reputation. Only here, arrived at the door of the castle, Mario learns that Bowser has "again" kidnapped the Princess and that in addition, the Yoshis (sort of local and Jurassic natives) lost their eggs, probably stolen by this deceiver who not having enough to take beating on beating ! Is Bowser in love with Peach, or does he just want to cook it, knowing that Princess's soup has an unmatched aroma ? In short, Mario then puts his libido and his stomach on pause, he pulls up his fly with a firm and decided gesture, and take the pipe not far from there, which takes him directly to the first chapter of this new adventure ...

What, our story is stupid ? Do I have to remind you that Nintendo (who takes us well for morons with that) has been using the same foolish scenario for 30 years now ? No, I'm sorry but this story worthy of the best works is not that bad. And then at least, it justifies that poor Mario runs for days and braves all dangers ... Because if it was only for glory, after a while would have to stop taking "the Italian stallion" for a pigeon ! No, there at least, it has a goal, a motivation ! ^_^

In The Other Quest, before the adventure itself begins, you will go through a real "prologue" to the game (as said in the description of this scenario worthy of Kojima-san :). Indeed, a succession of mini-levels (extremely easy, but being to cross in peace, not to lose lives) reminds us of the good memory of what Super Mario World is (and I believe that we are the only to have had this idea there!). Once arrived on the main map (the overworld) you will have the choice to do or not the tutorials. Indeed, we can start the game without that, but for those who do not know the mechanics, the game can sometimes seem obscure. So we have designed 11 tutorials (of 2 "lessons" each) that will remind you of the basics of the game (example how to carry an object on a climbing plant, what characteristics distribute the colorful Yoshis, what are POWs for, etc.). And I repeat, these levels are optional so the most hardened to the universe of Mario can be directly attacked by level 1. Originally, the game is entirely in French (normal, we are French developers and our site is exclusively French-speaking) but to make our game known to the rest of the world, we have translated it into English (the international language) in based on the most advanced version of our game, version 1.4 (the updates were made between August 2013 and April 2019).

The final word

Finally i would particularly like to thank my brother Aquel, who supported me more than any other, who tested each level, detected each bug and who even managed to understand the most obscure tutorials which allow to obtain the most advanced modifications. Without him, we would probably have proposed a relatively basic game but he pushed me to make a new overworld (2 times !), a new intro (2 times too ! what a torturer ^_^) and i encouraged to set up new decors. Finally he made himself 2 levels. In short, a big thank you to my brother, who is partly responsible for the quality of this game. Together we would also like to thank all those who have followed and encouraged us for so many years (Mugiwara and Wmalain topped the list :) because this support enabled us not to give up when sometimes the difficulties seemed insurmountable. Obviously, before urging you to download our game, we must clarify that you must have a copy of Super Mario World (on Super NES/Nintendo/Famicom) in order to be in good standing under the law. Now that it's done, below you will find a panoply of screenshots from the game, as well as a trailer that will make you want, we hope, to play it. We will conclude by hoping that many of you will download the fruit of our passion and 5 years of hard work, that you will enjoy playing it and we hope to finish it. :)

Download ROM of
Super Mario World : The Other Quest (v.1.4 US/ENG)

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Download ROM of
Super Mario World : The Other Quest (v.1.4 US/ENG)

Game and article produced by Aquel & iiYama

Latest update : april 2020

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